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Registered Dog Listeners (Behavioural Trainers)

Robin Glover Hampshire/Wiltshire
Gabriella Lerner Dorset/Somerset/Wiltshire
Ellie Carbine Dorset/New Forest
Shona Moon Cornwall
Jo Armstrong Derbyshire,s,Yorkshire, Notts
Karen Webb Durham,Cleveland,North East
Rachelle Messiter London,Essex,Suffolk,Norfolk
Deb Scott East Lothian, Scotland
Julie Abbott Essex
Pam Shaw Somerset
Sindy Kaur Leicestershire
Amanda Hardeman Hertfordshire
Annette Glaser London
Andrew Forkner Oxfordshire
Louise Downing West Midlands,Worcester,Hereford
Janice Olbrechts Shropshire
Jenny Callaghan Northamptonshire
Georgie Bowe North Yorkshire/Teesside
Beverly Edwards Lancashire,Liverpool,Manchester
Carol Purchell Kent, Surrey
Karen Adair Northern Ireland
Katie Hesketh West Lothian, Scotland
Gill Tuxworth [email protected] Lincolnshire
Melanie Stilgoe Warwickshire
Anne Rainbow West Midlands, Worcs
Malcolm Nutbrown West Yorkshire
Wayne Townley 01639-851930 West Glamorgan
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