What do you want from your dog?
There are lots of training methods out there to for you and your dog.
From Clicker training to forceful training, and using methods of intimidation and aggression.Group training in halls. One to one, lessons on unfamiliar ground. Sending them away to be trained. Some work to a lesser or greater degree depending on the personality not breed of your dog.
There are dogs that will respond well to you most of the time, or abide by your rules for a quiet life. Others will slink into the corner and others who will have none of it.
As far as I am concerned training starts at home, in an environment that both dogs and owners are most relaxed, for a good learning experience.
I have tried traditional methods, and was pretty uncomfortable with some of the things I was asked to do, for example, shouting at him, jagging my dog on the lead to make him heel and use an electric collar on him to stop him chasing animals.
The method I stand by is that of “Amichien Bonding” Kind, caring and non-confrontational.
“Treat others as you would like to be treated your self”.

There are lots of advanced training out there for you and your dog, agility, tracking, hunting dogs etc.
The one thing that is paramount before any advanced training is started is does your dog respond well to you in all situations you come across, have you got the trust of your dog?.
Have you really got your foundations right? If the answer is yes then go forward.
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