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Dog Training The Pure Dog Listening Way

Pure Dog Listening is showing a dog, in a kind, calm way, using its own language, how to behave, and its position in the pack.

Dog Listening works because it uses the dog's natural behaviour patterns and means of communication. If you implement this method consistently, your dog will be calm, well-behaved and accepted anywhere.

Caroline teaches you to teach your dog self-control and to respond of its own free will. The dog is not "made" to do things as it takes away the ability of free thinking, the dog is shown what is required of it, so it can fit in stress free, with its owners life.

The dog comes to trust and respect its owner through learning who takes control of the following;
  1. signs of danger, who is going to protect us?
  2. feeding times, what order do we eat in?
  3. on the hunt/walk, who is going to lead?
  4. status on reuniting, who is in charge?
This method is no magic wand and no quick fix, it does not happen overnight, but with calmness, patience and consistency, the undesirable behaviour will change for the better (unless there is an underlying medical problem that needs to be addressed first).

You will have a dog that responds to you of its own freewill, not because it is made to. No force, intimidation or gadgets are used in this method.

This is communication that your dog understands, therefore it is a method to use for life, it is not a quick fix. You wouldn't talk English to a Russia ( unless of course he understood it!) so don't talk human to a dog, respect and learn your dogs communication skills and he will learn to respect and feel safe with you, knowing how to fit in to you life and how to get things right. Don't tell him how to behave, kindly, calmly and convincing with patience and empathy.

This dog training method is not difficult. However, some people find they have a problem changing their old ways to the new. That is why, following the consultation, you will get free advice and back up for the life of your dog.

As a dog passes through each stage of its life, it needs to be reassured of its position and yours.

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