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Why Do Dogs Have Behavioural Problems?

Pure and simply, they have inadvertently been put in the position of leader by us, due to the language barrier between human and dog.
They are trying to do a job of protector and provider, that they are ill equipped to deal with in our world. They get it wrong, its not their fault, its just because they don't understand us.
For example a dog barks, we shout 'be quiet', they shout, we shout, they bark, we bark, it all goes pear shaped and the problem gets worse. Show a dog how to behave, learn its language and the penny will drop. There will be no confusion and no barrier to communication.
Children and adults alike present behavioural problems when they feel insecure, vulnerable or unsure; give them clear guide lines and they can relax and be themselves.
Take away the pressure of a job you cannot do and you relax, put yourself in a postion of a job you do not have a clue about and you are stressed, edgy and miserable. It's the same for our canine friends.
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