"Amichien Bonding " The Golden Rules

The Amichien Bonding Technique is showing a dog, in a kind, calm way, using its own language, how to behave, and its position in the pack.
The dog is taught self-control, and to respond of its own free will. The dog is not "made" to do things as it takes away the ability of free thinking, the dog is shown what is required of it so it can fit in, stress free, with its owners life.
The dog comes to trust and respect its owner through learning who takes control of the four golden rules below:
  • at signs of danger, who is going to protect us?
  • at feeding times, what order do we eat in?
  • on the hunt/walk, who is going to lead?
  • status on reuniting, who is in charge?
This method is no magic wand and no quick fix, it does not happen overnight, but with calmness, patience and consistency, the undesirable behaviour will change for the better (unless there is an underlying medical problem that needs to be addressed first).
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