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Wiltshire based , Caroline Spencer is a Recommended Associate Dog Listener. She has been dog training for about 12 years and adopted the Amichien Bonding Technique three years ago. Dog behaviour problems have now become her speciality.

Caroline was not convinced by the traditional methods we have all grown up with, that method consisting of telling the dog we are the leader and that it should "sit", "stay", "heel" and "come", not forgetting the "no don't do that" command. Under the Amichien Techinque, the dog is now shown gently how to respond using no harsh vocals or movements.

Being fortunate enough to be given a book called "The Dog Listener" by Jan Fennell who devised the Amichein method, Caroline subsequently trained as a dog Listener with Jan, and has not looked back since. The great difference of the technique "Amichien Bonding" is that by using it, the dog instinctively understands you and therefore elects you as leader of its own free-will.

It is not a case of dog training, but of convincing your dog of your credentials as a canine leader.

Caroline trained with Jan Fennell, completed the Advanced Course and is now a Recommended Associate Dog Listener. She is very proud to be so, and can be found on Jan Fennell's website for verification, as can all genuine Dog Listeners. Jan Fennell continually monitors the work that Dog Listeners carry out to ensure they are of the highest standard.
"When I went to train with Jan Fennell, I did not think my dogs had behaviour issues - how naive I was"
Caroline teaches people how to correct the undesirable behaviour in their dogs, using this very calm and quiet method. No gadgets, electric collars, drugs, force or intimidation are used, they have no place in her world whether dealing with animals, children or adults!
The Amichien technique is no magic wand and no "quick fix", it does not happen overnight, but with calmness, patience and consistency the undesirable behaviour will change for the better (unless there is an underlying medical problem, which should be addressed first).
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