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About Me

I am a Wiltshire uk based  independant Pure Dog Listener. I have been dog training for 20 years and trained with Jan Fennell author of "The Dog Listener" who calls her method Amichien bonding. Having worked closely with her for 5 years, Robin Glover and myself have now moved on and set up Pure Dog Listeners, so we can focus more on the dogs and their owners. Strictly speaking I am not a dog behaviorist although,dog behaviour problems are my speciality.
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Prior to getting involved with dogs, I trained and worked as a nurse in accident and emergency for 3yrs; following that I was a school nursing sister for 7yrs. It was during this time I bought my first dog, Otta, a gorgoeus black labrador. I started training him with a local dog trainer and was inspired to take training to a higher level entering him in retrieving competitions. Even at this stage I was looking outside the box of traditional training and trying to work with the dogs instincts and not against, with some success.With Otta I won a few tests, but with family ever increasing I had to take a back step, my son is 10yrs and my daughter is 6yrs.
Very fresh in my mind is the first test I entered where Otta came out leaping and jumping on the end of the lead; calmly I waited for this to stop and then buisiness as usual. (I got very strange looks from other competitors, wondering why I did not tell the dog to stop) I realised that he had to go through this repetoire, he went on to win!
I wasn't convinced by the traditional methods we have all grown up with, that method consisting of telling the dog we are the leader and that it should "sit", "stay", "heel" and "come", not forgetting the "no don't do that" command. Now using Pure Dog Listening, the dog is shown gently how to respond using no harsh vocals or movements.

By using Pure Dog Listening, the dog instinctively understands you and therefore elects you as leader of its own free-will.

It is not a case of dog training, but of convincing your dog of your credentials as a canine leader.

I trained with Jan Fennell, completed and passed the Advanced Course and worked along side her for 5 years, gaining highly recommended Dog Listener status. See some Testimonials
I am now an Independant  Dog Listener working closely with Robin Glover . We have both had a huge amount of experience with dogs - both working and pets.Our backgrounds in the public sector also mean we have great people skills, which is highly important as it's the owners that need training as much as the dogs. Together we set up  a smaller independant company that puts the onus back on the dogs and their owners.
I teach people how to correct the undesirable behaviour in their dogs, using Pure Dog Listening, a very calm and quiet method. No gadgets, electric collars, drugs, force or intimidation are used - they have no place in my world, whether dealing with animals, children or adults!
This technique is no magic wand and no "quick fix". It doesn't happen overnight but with calmness, patience and consistency the undesirable behaviour will change for the better (unless there is an underlying medical problem, which should be addressed first).
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Caroline and Her Dogs


caroline and her dogs
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